Railway transport

Providing services of focused research in the field of trains’ occupancy-census and the subsequent occupation of trains at selected lines

Client: ČD – Information Systems, Inc., headquartered in Prague 3 – Zizkov, Pernerova 2819 / 2a, Czech Republic, ID: 24829871

The contract for work on 6. 6. 2014

Place and date of implementation: Praha, Ostrava, progress


Provision of services of targeted research in the field of exploration and the subsequent occupation of transport on selected train lines, based on aggregated and evaluated data of users of mobile telecommunications networks and the establishment of confidence intervals of the investigations. The project resulted in trial operation and evaluation of project potential and conditions for entry into service. Railway lines that represent the different types and operating conditions, namely municipal integrated transport, long-distance and regional transport were selected for solving tasks.

Findings regarding the usefulness of technology approved by the Client in the individual practical assignments are summarized as follows:

  • By fitting the timetable occupancy of individual connections can be estimated with a relatively high degree of accuracy
  • Observed occupancy of the train allows more accurate model which converts ticket to a specific performance
  • Data about position/time can be presented on maps, including specific trains
  • By analysis of the data follow-up joints and public GVD can be adjusted. Proposals for optimization can be submitted to the client (public or private customer)
  • Data facilitate the construction of timetable for business planning
  • The results of the project have a positive impact on the cost and effectiveness in capacities of joints and their planning, method of passengers´ clearing and connections to integrated transport system